During a cardiac arrest, the number one enemy is TIME!
  • 75-80% of cardiac arrests (out-of-hospital) happen at home.
  • Brain death begins 4-6 minutes after cardiac arrest.  Are you prepared?
  • CPR, when performed correctly, doubles the chance of survival.
  • Death from cardiac arrest does not have to be inevitable.  If more of us knew CPR, more lives could be saved.
  • Approximately 900 Americans die daily due to cardiac arrest that occurs outside the hospital.
  • While you were reading this, one individual died.

Minnesota CPR/AED Training provides professional Certified American Red Cross training in Adult/Child/Infant CPR for the lay-person, Adult/Child AED for the lay-person, Standard First Aid and CPR/AED Training for the Professional.

Our classes are offered in (but not limited to) Minneapolis, St. Paul and the greater 7 country Twin Cities Metro Area.

Classes can be scheduled at your place of business or we can offer off-site training at our facility.  Our instructors are American Red Cross Certified Instructors and offer Red Cross Certified Training Programs.

It is our goal to offer you professional and personal training in every class we teach.  Our instructors will quickly put you at ease while at the same time ensuring that you receive accurate, correct, certified instruction and training. 

Joel Jensen - Instructor
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Clarence Chapman - Instructor
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Minnesota CPR/AED Training provides Red Cross Certified Lay-person and Professional Trainers to you and/or your organization.  Successful trainees will receive Official Red Cross Certifications.  E-Mail or call today to schedule a class or for further information.

Welcome to Minnesota CPR/AED Training.  Our Red Cross Certified Instructors teach Adult, Child and Infant CPR and Adult / Child AED classes to lay persons, professionals, government agencies, businesses, schools and families.

Whether you're an individual learning CPR for the first time, a business wanting to certify your work force in CPR/AED, a school, Police Department or Fire Department looking to re-certify your personnel, Minnesota CPR/AED Training offers the certifications you require.

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